Have you heard all that is going on with supply chain issues and the cost of materials skyrocketing? Well, it is real. But why?

The COVD-19 virus has done more than just cause panic, takes lives, and confine people to their homes- it has interrupted numerous suppliers for various different reasons. One of these reasons is workers, because of social distancing protocols – warehouses have had to operate at a reduced capacity, limiting their output. Furthermore, when someone was ill, whether they had covid or not, they would need to be sent home and tested and stay out of work until they proved they were not infected, causing labor shortages and further impacting the output of the company.

But why now? Weren’t the major impacts on the supply chains in 2020? Yes, however, they generally operate at a surplus of 2-3 months from the factory so minor hiccups and shipping issues do not cause shortages for consumers. But the impact of the coronavirus on building materials was so prolonged that the impacts are now being felt.

Well, what does this mean for your roofing project? A few things.

  1. Your contractor may not be able to procure materials as swiftly as pre-covid times- so be patient
  2. ou should expect a higher than normal proposal/estimate for the work, because we are being faced with a shortage of materials, compounded by increased demand, causing higher prices, which then get passed to your contractor and then you the consumer.

Should I wait to get my new roof? Great question- We asked Roofing Framingham MA what their thoughts were” We are unsure if or when prices will normalize if your roof is in awful condition, with leaks or falling apart- replace it now as you normally would because of the cost of not doing so (potential water damage, critters, etc) will likely outweigh the overpriced materials….but if you are scheduling it in advance of problems, it might be worth waiting another few months to see what happens, either way, we remain at the ready for your roof repairs and replacements.”

We interviewed another company in New England, Providence Rhode island in fact, Roofing Rhode Island, and they had this to say: ” Costs rise and fall all the time, this just happens to be a dramatic rise, in our opinion we do not see prices falling any time soon with the increased minimum wage and increased demand, it will be hard for suppliers to keep up with normal demand and this is intense even for us, if you need a roof, get it done, get on the schedule before you cannot.”

Well, there you have it, the impact on the Roofing Contractors of New England have spoken, and the impacts of Covid on the roofing industry explained. Plan accordingly, plan ahead and do not wait if you are in need of roof repair or replacement.

Always seek advice from a licensed and insured professional when considering roofing companies.