Do Solar Panels Hurt The Value Of Your Home?

Do Solar Panels Hurt The Value Of Your Home?

When solar first became available for residential homes, there was a lot of speculation with respect to if they would damage your roof or even hurt the value of your home. In our experience this is not a true cause for concern – and here is why.

Firstly, solar panels are relatively light and are designed to be aerodynamic on the roof so they do not lift in high winds. The concern being specifically in places where heavy snowfall occurs- the added weight of the panels plus the snow would make the roof more susceptible to damage. It makes perfect sense to be cautious about this but it should not concern or stop you from getting them and here is why.

We interviewed Solar Company MA about this very topic. Snow tends to stay on the roofs only because they are not slippery- asphalt shingles are quite abrasive which makes snow stay put because the snow cannot slide off. Unlike on a solar panel which has a very smooth surface and is generally mounted on an angled part of the roof- so heavily weighted snow slides right off.

But what about the value of your home? Top Real Estate Agent In Amesbury also weighed in with Merrimack Valley Solar with respect to the value of a home being negatively affected.

There are mainly two options when getting solar on your home- Lease, or buy. When you buy- they become part of the house and if you sell- they stay and it is pretty simple. When you lease, however, the new owner has to accept to take on the lease terms you agreed to when putting solar on your home. This is generally not much of an issue because the pricing tends to be better than the electricity coming from the utility companies, but for first-time home buyers it can shy them away from a deal. So be sure to weigh your options before signing a lease and assessing your long-term plans for the home.

Listing Your Home In A Hot Market- You Can Go Wrong

Listing Your Home In A Hot Market- You Can Go Wrong

Home prices of towns abutting large cities are at historic highs. COVID has forced employers to accommodate remote working situations which have people fleeing high-priced big cities. They are snatching up inventory as soon as it hits the market and this has created a bit of a frenzy in some parts of the country.

For example, on the North Shore of MA/ Merrimack Valley and also on Cape Cod, homes are selling for 10, 15 even 20% over asking, sometimes sight unseen!

But how does one capitalize on this? Is it foolproof? Well sort of. But you can still miss out. Selecting the right Sellers Agent In Amesbury or any other town is critical. But why? Isn’t the market doing all the work? Not entirely

Marketing matters. Presentation matters. Staging matters- and more than ever. If a home does not live up to the inner city budgets at first glance, you may still wind up with asking or over asking price, but it will not be as has as it could be. Marketing is critical, gone are the days where the decision of the buyer was made within the first 30 seconds of pulling in the driveway, they’ve made their decision before they even call their agent! Everything is right there online for them.

Make sure you check out the Best Realtor Londonderry NH and Best Realtor in Amesbury MA if you are looking to sell your home for top dollar and with someone you can trust and who has your back.