We wrote a post not too long ago that seemed over the top to some readers. – Why blog post about dumpster rental companies anyways- they all charge about the same, they serve the same locations and they come when they say they will (for the most part) – why not just get the best price and move on?

Awesome points and we wanted to take the time to address them.

Here are some instances where you might consider needing a dumpster.
-Spring Cleaning
-Home Remodel
-Kitchen Remodel
-Garage or Basement Cleanout
-Exterior renovations
-New deck/old deck removal
-Landscaping projects
-Window Replacement
-Siding Replacement
– New Flooring
and more
You can always save money with these types of jobs by getting the dumpster for your contractor rather than them doing it and marking up the cost

Most roll-off dumpsters come to you via a large, extremely heavy truck. These trucks alone can weigh 12 tons (24,000 lbs) PLUS the weight of the dumpster. They are large, noisy, and potentially damaging to your home. The same truck that is required to deliver to an off-road construction job site is likely the one coming to your neighborhood to pull into your driveway made for a small passenger vehicle. They have an extremely wide turning radius and an enormous size and backup alarms required by law.

This is simply a recipe for something to go wrong- from damaging your driveway to your lawn, or hitting your or your neighbors’ mailbox it can get costly. Add to that these dumpsters are seldom kept up to snuff because they beat on constantly being in off-the-beaten-path jobs with heavy construction debris- if the truck doesn’t damage the driveway the dumpster surely can.

When you go to rent a dumpster be sure to ask these few questions- What type of truck will be coming, and do you offer a damage-free guarantee?

We circled back with our previous Interview company who has Dumpster rentals Plymouth MA but also does Dumpster Rental Cape Cod and they are extremely particular about how they do business.

Firstly, they shared with us that, unlike the competition, their dumpsters come delivered on a trailer that weighs 1/5 the weight of huge trucks and is generally towed by a 3/4 ton pickup truck. They are much more maneuverable and also lighter than the conventional roll-off dumpster truck seen there. The roll-off containers they use are also not used for construction sites, so they are not as beat up and the wheels are functioning all the time so as to not damage a homeowner’s driveway.

So when you need a dumpster for a home clean out, construction, or general debris- make sure you do your homework, get a damage-free guarantee, and be sure to ask about what truck will be coming.

With respect to what you are disposing of, expect additional costs for Refrigerator disposal, TV disposal, and batteries over and above the included tonnage that may or may not come with your dumpster rental.